About Us

Jigsaw 365 is a platform of online jigsaw puzzles designed exclusively for entertainment purposes. We offer jigsaw puzzles enthusiasts a selection of high-quality and family-friendly challenges. We strive to provide players with a wide range of jigsaw puzzles, with different themes and a great variety of images. Our catalog is hand-selected and thoroughly reviewed to ensure that every jigsaw puzzle is in accordance with the highest standards we set for this platform.

We also seek to improve the game experience of our users by offering customizing options that let them tailor the challenges to their liking, including adjusting the number of pieces they wish to play with.

We hope all jigsaw puzzles aficionados can find in Jigsaw 365 a place where they can enjoy their hobby in a relaxed and fun manner. 

About AppGeneration

AppGeneration is a digitally powered company dedicated to the creation of mobile applications and websites in line with the latest state-of-the-art technology and digital developments. Its main goal is to offer users a selection of games and utilitarian tools that are useful and easy to use in the hopes of contributing to a better and more relaxed lifestyle through purposeful digital solutions.

It endeavors to offer software developments and content that adhere to the highest standards while aspiring to positively affect the way people interact with each other and their overall wellbeing.

For questions about Jigsaw 365 or AppGeneration products, we're ready to help. Contact us.