Create Jigsaw Puzzles

Create your own custom-made jigsaw puzzles easily! Follow the instructions to upload a photo, choose the default number of pieces you want your puzzle to have, and select the tags that best describe your photo so you can easily search for your jigsaw puzzles using these keywords.
Lastly, you can choose to make your creations public and allow other players to try to assemble them, or keep them private. That is it! Have fun exploring this jigsaw puzzle maker and creating your own challenges!

Please note that images depicting violence, racism, assault, nudity, and adult content will not be accepted.

1. Select the image

JPEG or PNG without transparency. Max 5MB. At least 200x200px.

2. Configure the puzzle

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Private puzzles will not be listed on the website. They can only be opened if a person has the URL.
Select up to 8 tags