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The best way to start a jigsaw puzzle

There are two possible reasons for you to be searching for the best way to start a jigsaw puzzle. Either you are a beginner excited to start a new hobby and are looking for information before diving into the unknown, or you are a regular player who is wondering if …

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What to do with jigsaw puzzles when finished?

All jigsaw players have experienced seeing their feelings of accomplishment and happiness at the end of a challenge being replaced by a “What now?” uncertainty. The harder the challenge, the more intense this uncertainty. They have a beautiful image in front of them that they worked so hard to assemble, …

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jigsaw puzzles for adults

Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

Jigsaw puzzles can often be found in the section of toys in many stores, mostly because a great variety of them are designed for kids. Yet, it would be a mistake to simply consider them as light entertainment for the youngsters. Despite their simple premise - a picture divided into …

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benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles

7 benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles

The benefits of doing Jigsaw Puzzles go beyond simply spending some quality time performing a relaxing and harmless activity. Joining pieces to create and complete a bigger picture can seem inconsequential, but it hides deeper effects that can positively affect the lives of players in the short and long term.  …

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jigsaw puzzles strategies and tips

Jigsaw puzzles strategies and tips

Assembling jigsaw puzzles is a pretty straightforward task… at least in theory. Anyone who has tried to take up the challenge knows that at some point frustration kicks in because it seems impossible to find the pieces you need. Fret not. There are some jigsaw puzzles strategies and tips that …

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