Bikini Jigsaw Puzzles

The two-piece swimsuit that rocked the world and all the conventions in the 40s are here to make you dream about warmer days. These bikini jigsaw puzzles will take you back to the hottest summer days and make you dream about tropical beaches, all the while you put your assembling skills to the test by connecting the pieces one by one. Have fun playing these online jigsaw puzzles and discovering our selection of women carrying the latest trends or the most flattering models.

This category of online bikini jigsaw puzzles is sure to make your wish your holidays would come sooner. We have prepared a selection of photos with regular women and models showcasing the latest models or the most flattering ones to help you start preparing your beach wardrobe while having fun completing all the challenges.

Select any picture to start. All our bikini-themed jigsaw puzzles open with a default number of pieces set by the puzzle’s creator. You can adjust this number on the game board, to choose the most suitable difficulty level for you.

Assemble the puzzle pieces at your own pace or try to rush to be the first to finish the challenge. Below the game board, you will find the leaderboard with the names and times of the best players for each puzzle.

Have fun assembling these bikini jigsaw puzzles for free and enjoy the beautiful beach landscapes.