December Jigsaw Puzzles

Set between Autumn and Winter, these December jigsaw puzzles are inspired by this dichotomy. The time to light up the fireplace is here, tea and hot cocoa taste better than ever, snow is starting to make an appearance and yet we can still enjoy an occasional cold but sunny day outdoors and with friends.

December is, however, normally taken over by the biggest celebrations of the year: Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The last week of this month is packed with good food, parties, and happy times. We have a category of Christmas jigsaw puzzles for you, but we could not avoid adding some Christmas-like pictures to this one.

Choose a picture or upload one you especially like and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. You can also set different difficulty levels to match your skills, by choosing one of our default number of pieces or customizing an image and breaking it down into as many pieces as you want.