Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzles

The beautiful colors of the rainbow are waiting for you in all their splendor. These rainbow jigsaw puzzles are equally challenging and beautiful. We have prepared a selection of landscapes crowned with this gorgeous natural phenomenon, paintings and illustrations that emphasize the seven bright colors, and many other contexts in which rainbows are featured for their meaning or for their beauty. So, sit back and have fun connecting the pieces of these online rainbow jigsaw puzzles!

The beauty and mystical essence of rainbows have been fascinating human beings for centuries and centuries, to the point that they were even incorporated into many cultures. In Greco-Roman mythology, they were a path that connected Earth and Heaven and in Western paintings, they were often used to express peacefulness. The rainbow flag, for example, has become the symbol of many peace movements, and for ethnic, racial, and sexual diversity. During the Covid-19 lockdowns, rainbows were used to express hope. Besides, even in kids' fairy tales, it is common knowledge that a pot of gold is hiding at the bottom of the rainbow.

It is, thus no wonder, that they would become a much-liked subject for jigsaw puzzles as well. Not only are they colorful, but they also frame amazing landscapes to create breathtaking sceneries.

Have fun assembling these rainbow-themed jigsaw puzzles! Maybe there is no treasure at the end of the challenge, but we are sure that the feeling of accomplishment will be good enough to put a smile on your face.