Art Jigsaw Puzzles

Combine your favorite pastime with a stroll through a museum with these art jigsaw puzzles. Here you will find beautiful paintings by talented and skillful unknown artists whose pieces deserve to be seen by everyone. Our very own art gallery includes paintings with different styles, motifs, and subjects. The watercolors are particularly challenging for their blurred patterns that make the pieces of the jigsaw hard to identify. But you can also choose paintings with clear and defined lines for a more realistic experience of assembling an artistic picture.

If you wish to showcase your own work to other jigsaw enthusiasts, you can also sign in and upload a painting of your own to turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. And not only paintings. This is an Art category after all. Sculptures, graphic designs, or illustrations, for instance, also belong here. If you do not want to disclose your works or you simply do not want others to see which puzzles you prefer to play, you can also set the ones you create to private to ensure that you are the only player with access to them.

Remember that you can change the number of pieces for each jigsaw anytime you want. To do so, just select the one you want to play and change its dimensions on the menu on the top right side of the page. You can either pick a default number of pieces or customize it.