Abstract Jigsaw Puzzles

Put your assembling skills to the test with these Abstract Jigsaw Puzzles. We have gathered a collection of abstract paintings that stand out for their beauty and the talent of their artists but also for the difficulty they represent when it comes to assembling them as jigsaw puzzles. Without any discernible shapes or a continuous and clear pattern, finding the position of each piece becomes a hard trial. The bright colors with specks of paint here and there also make these jigsaw puzzles a challenging pastime. Rather than focusing on the paintings and their abstract shapes, the way to tackle these puzzles is by looking at the shape of the pieces and how they fit together. Good luck trying to solve these puzzles!

By nature, these Abstract Jigsaw Puzzles are hard to solve. Even if you choose to break the paintings down into as few pieces as possible, you will still have to concentrate more than usual to be able to solve them. But if what you are looking for is a tough challenge then these are the right jigsaws for you. Regardless, you can always adjust the number of pieces you are playing with, thus controlling the level of difficulty.