Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzles

Get to know one of the most beautiful insects out there with these online Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzles. Take your time looking at the stunning details on their wings and their unusual shapes and bright colors intended for camouflage and to scare away predators but that cannot keep us from being drawn to them. Have fun putting together, piece by piece, these mesmerizing butterflies-themed jigsaw puzzles, and feel the butterfly effect rippling through you.

Browse through our selection of Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzles and gift your eyes with these beautiful pictures of this insect. Once you find one that stands out to you for its beauty or that seems particularly challenging, you only need to click it to start assembling it. All our online jigsaw puzzles are customizable. After opening a photo you can adjust the number of pieces you want to challenge to suit your skills or the difficulty level you want to tackle. 

On the bottom left corner of the game board, you can also choose how to arrange the loose pieces you still have and if you wish to see an example of the completed jigsaw puzzle as a guide. 

Have fun piecing together these lovely pictures and try your best to complete it as quickly as possible to get your name on the leaderboard.