Funny Jigsaw Puzzles

Double the fun with these Funny Jigsaw Puzzles! Connect the pieces together to create humorous pictures that are bound to make you smile or even chuckle. You can choose between animals with hilarious expressions, comical signs, and general funny pictures with one or more laughable features. 

Enjoy a fun and funny challenge with these Funny jigsaw Puzzles. Browse through our selection of comical images and photos and select one to turn it into a jigsaw. Next to each photo, you can see the number of pieces it will open up with. Nevertheless, this number should not affect your decision, as you can change it once you pick a puzzle. After opening it, go to the top right corner of the puzzle board and select the number of pieces you want to play using the “Difficulty” menu.

You can also adjust the difficulty of the puzzle by choosing if you want to have the completed picture as a faded background to guide you, if you want to have the picture showing only as a reference on the corner of the puzzle board or if you do not wish to see it at all. You can also turn this pastime into a friendly competition, and try to complete the challenge as quickly as possible to make it into the leaderboard with the top fastest players.