Lego Jigsaw Puzzles

Enjoy the feeling of getting into a parallel world where you build pictures of buildings built with building blocks! Assemble the pictures of these Lego Jigsaw Puzzles and let yourself be taken back to all the fun moments of playing with these plastic bricks that already went beyond the toy label to become an activity loved by everyone, toddlers and elders alike. Discover impressive sculptures made with these bricks, complex and funny scenarios using Lego figures, mixes of colorful bricks, and tough lego walls that make for extremely challenging jigsaw puzzles.

Browse through our selections of Lego Jigsaw Puzzles and have fun finding your next challenge. You can choose between artistic constructions, funny scenarios, assortments of colorful bricks, or the much harder walls of lego with only one color. All the jigsaw puzzles open with a default number of pieces that you can then change using the “Difficulty” menu on the puzzle board. Remember to adjust the pieces before you start assembling them or you will lose your progress. 

For each jigsaw puzzle, you will also see the leaderboard below the puzzle board with the names and times of the top players who challenge it. Try to beat the record and be the quickest to complete the puzzle to reach the top spot. The leaderboard is defined according to the number of pieces that were challenged, so there is no point in trying to cheat by choosing to play with fewer pieces to complete it faster.