Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles

Get in the right spirit to enjoy the delicious food and the company and warmth of your family with these Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles. Have fun assembling pictures of beautifully decorated thanksgiving lunch and dinner tables, deliciously cooked turkeys, sweet and exquisite-looking pumpkin pies, and photos of families enjoying spending time together. Give thanks for everything you have achieved and be thankful for the harvest of the year while enjoying a good jigsaw puzzle challenge.

To challenge any of these Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles, all you have to do is to select and click on any picture you like. Next to each photo you can see their default number of pieces, but do not let this information influence your choice. Once you open a puzzle, you can change this number to any you like, thus adjusting it to your skills or the level of difficulty you feel like tackling. Just remember to change this number before you start assembling, or you will lose your progress.

Under the puzzle board, you will also find the leaderboard with the top best players who were the quickest in completing that challenge. The leaderboard will change according to the number of pieces of the puzzle. Have fun trying to complete the puzzle in less time to see your name up in the top positions.